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Southall Harries Ltd – 10th Anniversary Celebration

On the 29th September 2016, Southall Harries Ltd celebrated their 10th Anniversary at Zen Metro Bar, Birmingham and shared the moment with Clients, Insurers, Staff, Family and Friends.

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Supporting Local Community Teams

Southall Harries Ltd are happy to support local teams including Harborne Cricket Club, Veseyans RFC and Sutton Coldfield RFC.

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Raising Money for St Giles Hospice

St Giles Mud Challenge

In October 2015 some of Southall Harries staff took part in the St Giles Mud Challenge, raising money for St Giles Hospice

Staff who took part were:

  • Gavin Johnson and his wife Teresa
  • Denise Harries
  • Sophie Ward
  • Karen Griffiths
  • Lucy Dale
  • Carla Barry

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